Jenis Institution was established on 10th October 2010. Since 2010 we have been training working professionals for their professional goals. We have assisted thousands of professionals to get what they dreamed of. Our spoken English classes have helped them gaining confidence while interacting with clients and get promoted. We also help job seekers with interview skills training in our Spoken English classes. Our Syllabus of spoken English Classes is designed according to requirements of Communication where we focus more on Speaking activities. Our experienced trainers makes it very easy for you to speak English confidently with interactive and fun sessions. We understand that you are searching for spoken English classes since you have trouble speaking, giving presentations, interact with management and crack interviews so we prepare you according.

                         We conduct classes for different languages because we know mastering a particular language can be a path to success. We offer German classes from the beginning since most of the students couldn't learn it well in school. Its obvious that if you want to settle in Germany or study over there. It is good to interact with people in their native language. Our German classes make sure that you speak the German language properly. We focus on pronunciation, writing, reading and speaking in our German Classes.

                           Our French Classes will be the best solution regarding French language. In our French classes we begin with the reading, writing, speaking and understanding. lot of people want study French as they are traveling or going for studying in France or other countries where french is spoken. we help them with the french language so that they can not only interact but study there easily. We conduct french classes throughout the week so everyone can be benefited.

                            These days most of the people are trying to explore new countries for jobs and education. Many countries need Ielts test results to evaluate their English proficiency. our Ielts Classes will help you with all the tests like reading writing and listening and speaking. Our trainers of Ielts classes are quite experienced and helped lot of people get the desired score. Giving Ielts test can really be a challenging thing but with the help of our Ielts classes it can be very easy.