Jenis Institution


Omkar Solanke

I joined jenis institution for English classes. It's been a month and I've improved my grammar and pronunciation. Staff is friendly. I would like to recommend this spoken English class since I've found great improvement.

Madhura Kokate

Enrolled for IELTS classes lately. Received quality coaching, sufficient study material, personal attention, daily mock tests, tips & tricks to improve on my weaknesses which has led to a drastic increase in confidence levels to score well.

I highly recommend Jenis to all those who wish to improve on their linguistic abilities.

Andy's Drums

Best class as I have gained knowledge about English. My communication has improved. As for staff they are very helpful and kind if any query is raised it's been solved and explained. My mentor Rohan sir has been a great inspiration

German Classes

Knowledge of German language increases your job opportunities with German and foreign companies in your own country and abroad. German is an important language in the fields of philosophy, science, history, literature and art. 

English Classes

We have made thousands of professionals speak confidently in just a couple of months. We know exactly what problems you are facing since our trainers are also from the same background and they faced the same issues. 

French classes

 Learn from basics in our French classes. Learning French can help you in getting admission in good universities and also highly paid jobs. Having knowledge of the French language would make your profile look stronger.